Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shamrock Necklace

 St. Patty's is right around the corner! We decided to get our craft on and made these necklaces. I've seen similar ones with straw pieces as dividers but we switched it up with noodles that we dyed green. 

To dye your noodles dump them into a plastic bag and pour in 2Tbs of rubbing alcohol and a bunch of drops of food coloring. Close up the bag and squish it around to distribute the color. Then leave the bag on the counter for a couple of hours or even overnight, taking time to squish around the color every once in awhile. Then dump noodles onto two layers of paper towels, move noodles around to make sure they are not touching. Let dry.

When your noodles are good and dry then they are ready to use. We cut out a bunch of shamrocks and put them in between the noodles. It gives it a lei look. And ta da, you are done! My five year old loved dying the noodles and making a pattern when we strung on the noodles and shamrocks.

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