Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stained Glass Pumpkin

For this craft I cut out the outline of a pumpkin from black construction paper. Next I cut out a piece of clear contact like paper and adhered it to the pumpkin outline making sure that the contact paper didn't go past the pumpkin outline. This left a big sticky and clear space in the middle. I covered the entire sticky side with pieces of orange and yellow tissue paper.

I ended up doing this craft with my Daisy Girl Scouts and it was a hit. As a leader I loved it because it didn't leave a mess behind. Before the girls came I prepped but cutting out all the pumpkins and adhering the contact paper to them and covered the sticky side with the backing from the contact paper. So when the girls arrived I just had to pull off the contact paper backing and they were ready to put their tissue paper on.

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