Monday, February 4, 2013

Stained Glass Heart Tutorial

To make your heart you will need:
-crepe paper or tissue paper
-black card stock or construction paper
-clear contact type paper

Fold your paper in half and cut out half a heart shape. While still folded take your folded heart and cut about 1/2 inch all the way around the edge this is the part that you will be using.

Open your heart. Cut a piece of your contact paper big enough to fit your heart on. Pull back the white paper backing on the contact paper, but not all the way. Place your black outline of a heart onto the clear plastic and then put the paper back down on top of the heart and plastic. Rub just enough to make sure the paper is sticking to the plastic.

With the paper still on the back cut around the black out line of the heart as close as you can. 

Now you have your hearts ready. Cut your crepe paper into little squares or whatever shape you desire. (I used crepe paper because I already had it on hand. I've done this same craft with tissue paper and it has turned out great.)

Take the white paper backing off and go to town putting on the crepe paper on the sticky part of the contact paper.

Put on as much as you'd like. Make sure to rub the pieces a little to make sure they stick well.

Now you have a beautiful stained glass heart. You can really do any shape for holidays or for fun. Here are some that I've done before. A Butterfly and a Pumpkin.

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