Monday, December 10, 2012

Felt Advent Calendar

 This year I made two of these advent calendars. One for my Sister and Brother -in- law and one for a close friend. I started in July and finished them before December 1st. I am a little O.C.D. with my crafts so I am sure many of you could do it faster. I looked on pinterest for ideas and found this one. There wasn't a pattern, so I freehanded it onto freezer paper and then ironed it onto the felt to cut out the felt. I did this with all of my ornaments as well. I would sketch on paper, trace onto freezer paper, iron freezer paper onto felt, cut out felt, pull off freezer paper. I am happy with the end result. I tried to make it a little more personalized to their family and added ornaments that remind me of them. In the advent calendar above it has the book my sister-in-law published this year, a kiwi bird (because they lived in New Zealand for 3 years) and a movie camera because my brother-in-law majored in film.

 This advent calendar has a tooth (because my friend's husband is an endodontist), Kermit (because my friend is obsessed with the Muppets), and a cupcake for fun.

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  1. I have loved, loved, loved that advent calendar. It will be a treasured addition to every Christmastime. Thank you so much for sending it to us! I've just rediscovered this blog and I'm happy to have found it again.