Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pirate Party

When the boys arrived they were given a head scarf, eye patch and fake earring. After they were dressed in proper pirate attire they decorated their treasure boxes with markers and glued on jewels. Next we played get the gold into the bottle by the boys taking turns dropping five gold coins one at a time into a bottle. (It is much harder than it looks) We were going to follow the treasure map to the buried treasure (treasure chest pinata) but since it was raining, the boys broke it open in the basement. The last game we played was treasure, treasure who has the treasure? One boy sat in the middle of the circle with his eyes closed while everyone else in the circle passed the gold coin around. When I said treasure, treasure who has the treasure the boys put their fists closed in front of them and the boy in the center opened his eyes. The boy in the center has two guesses then to find the person with the treasure. If he gets it right then they switch places. If not then everyone passes again with the center boy closing his eyes again.

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