Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ladybug Quilt



I made this quilt for my wonderful neighbor. I finished it last night and her water broke at four in the morning. It was perfect timing. I used the needle turn applique method for the ladybugs.


  1. Cute! I love needle turn applique!

  2. Wow! You are such a talented quilter!! I love the quilt, Jackie will love it! I'm so excited she had her baby... I'll have to keep checking her blog to see pictures.

  3. I knew it was for her! That is just not fair that her baby is here, I am jealous. So does that mean if you make me a quilt, when you finish it, my water will break. So start a really small one that you can finish today okay!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I could not have imagined a more perfect and beautiful quilt for our angel! You did an amazing job and I am so grateful that she will have something from her 'Auntie' Kristen for the rest of her life! Love you!