Sunday, November 1, 2009


My daughter wanted to be a banana this year so I kinda winged it. I used felt and first sewed some batting to the wrong side (or would become the wrong side) of the fabric. I used an oblong piece for the front and kind of a crescent shaped piece for each side. I stuffed the top and bottom and left room in the back for her to be able to just slip it on.

My son this year wanted to be an eyeball this year so I sewed his out of felt as well. I cut four panels the shape of what a globe would look like if it was taken apart. On the front panel I sewed the iris and pupil which I made by making a compass with a string and a pencil to make each circle. The string was the length of the radius of the size circle which I wanted. I held the string down on the fabric and with my other hand held the pencil and string together and went around and it made my circle. Then I sewed each panel together. On the inside of the eyeball I sewed a tube which was attached to the bottom and then went over his shoulders. Then we stuffed the costume with grocery sacks which were crumpled up in between the eyeball layer of fabric and the tube layer.

Here are all the kiddos. My youngest two are wearing costumes I made for the older ones when they were that little. I used a pattern for those but I can't remember who puts it out. The felt costumes helped keep my little ones warm considering we had a chill Halloween night.

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